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Suspected drug laboratory in Anaheim busted during probation-compliance check

Published On: 11-04-2016 in Category: Crime, Drug Abuse, drug trafficking, Synthetic Drugs


In September this year, Anaheim police arrested Brandon Sean Murphy, 24, on charges of operating a small-scale butane honey oil lab in his apartment. The officers were conducting a probation-compliance check on him when they discovered the lab used to extract a chemical found in marijuana leaves.

A team of hazardous materials experts from the fire department was sent in to assess the condominium for other such substances. The team evacuated about 15 other residents from the six neighboring condominiums building for safety reasons.

Marijuana is boiled in butane to extract tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) –– the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects, and is used to manufacture honey oil. The soft, sticky, honey-like end product is also known as hash oil and can be smoked or inhaled using a vaporizer to experience a euphoric effect. Because of this it is not only commonly abused but manufactured illegally.

However, manufacture of honey oil is fraught with danger, since the chemicals and apparatus used are explosive in nature and can pose a major threat to human lives and the surrounding areas. As was witnessed in January this year, when an explosion shook a garage in Anaheim, and two months later another garage in Placentia was reduced to ashes.

In view of the potential hazards to life and property, Murphy was sent to jail with $75,000 bail.

Effects of THC on the body

The stimulatory effects of THC make marijuana a popular drug in the United States. THC stimulates the brain cells and causes a dopamine rush which produces pleasant sensations. This euphoria-producing chemical has several short-term as well as long-term negative effects on the brain. It interferes with how information is processed in the brain by inducing hallucinations, changes in thinking patterns and causing delusions.

The effects of the drug kick in usually after 10 to 30 minutes of ingesting and lasts for about two hours, but, psychomotor impairment may continue ever after the perceived high has faded. Apart from permanent paranoia and anxiety, long-term users of THC exhibit increased dependence and tolerance towards marijuana.

“Dabbing” is the name given to smoking honey oil and THC-rich resins extracted from marijuana. These oily extracts contain huge amounts of THC which carries with it a risk of addiction and overdose-related visits to the emergency room. Experts are wary of California’s growing pot industry, and fear that dabbing is becoming a fad fueling the marijuana craze and can pose new dangers.

Lead a life free of drug addiction

Drug addiction destroys lives. The U.S. is reeling under a drug epidemic and various agencies, including the government, are trying to take measures to curb the menace at a war footing. Addiction to illicit drugs is not only fatal for the person addicted to it but adversely affects the family life as well. Once an individual develops dependence or tolerance towards illicit drugs, it becomes difficult to kick the habit which in turn damages his or her body.

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