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Anaheim Police extends kindness to those battling addiction

Published On: 08-02-2017 in Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, drug trafficking

Anaheim mayor Tom Tait believes firmly in upholding the values of freedom and kindness, which are an integral part of the city’s culture. He has always encouraged innovative approaches to tackle the rampant drug addiction crisis in the city.

As an extension to the city’s existing “Kindness Initiative,” the mayor recently introduced the “Drug Free Anaheim” program where drug users can go to the Anaheim Police Department and seek free professional help to overcome addiction. According to the Anaheim City Council, as of June 2017, 53 people struggling with addiction were reported to have participated in the program. Speaking about changing the way people view drug addiction and treatment in Orange County, Tait said, “It’s a simple yet powerful idea that has the potential to make Anaheim a stronger, more resilient city.”

Anaheim seems to be the first city in California to adopt the approach of helping people with substance abuse to combat addiction rather than incarcerating them as offenders. Under this initiative, all an individual has to do is walk into a police station, get in touch with an officer, who would get them connected to a rehabilitation center for treatment. “We know we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. There’s a place for law enforcement, but there’s also a place for kindness,” said Anaheim Police Department spokesman Mike Lyster.

Addiction to drugs is a major crisis in Anaheim

Being a part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Anaheim is covered by the Los Angeles HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) region, which comprises the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino. As Anaheim is known to be one of the most densely populated areas of Orange County, it unfortunately happens to be a major hotspot for transportation and distribution of illicit drugs within California. In recent years, the enormous spike in indoor cannabis cultivation by local criminal elements attempting to take advantage of the loopholes in medical marijuana regulations and rise in trafficking of ice meth from Mexico by drug cartels have become some of the major areas of concern for law enforcement agencies across the Los Angeles HIDTA region.

Additionally, Anaheim has gained the ill-repute of a large-scale methamphetamine production center owing to the widespread proliferation of numerous secret meth producing laboratories, which are thriving in apartments, large condominiums, business establishments and independent houses across the city. Even the slightest error in any of the production methods used to produce the drugs is most likely to put human lives and neighborhood in danger, as the chemical ingredients and equipment are capable of triggering deadly explosions involving unmanageable flash fires that can blow out doors and windows.

Battling drug abuse

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