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  • Drug Free Anaheim: Police help addicts recover

    Published On: 03-03-2016 in Category: Addiction, rehab, Substances

    Anaheim has become California’s first city to adopt the Gloucester Police Department’s innovative way of handling the addiction problem – treat the addicts rather than jailing them. The unconventional way of dealing with the addicts violating the Controlled Substances Act and other similar laws was launched as “Drug Free Anaheim” initiative by Mayor Tom Tait […]

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  • NHL suspends player for using PED; learn about steroid abuse

    Published On: 02-16-2016 in Category: Addiction, Drugs, Steriods

    America has an impressive list of sportspersons winning laurels for the country in mega international events. However, there are also many who bring disrepute to themselves and their teams by doping. Some athletes do it knowingly, while some fall victim to their ignorance or are misguided. Apparently, Anaheim Ducks’ Shawn Horcoff, who was suspended by […]

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  • Anaheim struggles to keep drug trafficking at bay

    Published On: 01-12-2016 in Category: Uncategorized

    Anaheim is famous for its magnificent offerings like Disneyland, Honda Center, Adventure City, etc. However, the city has lately been in news for wrong reasons also. Frequent reports of drug busts suggest a significant rise in drug peddlers’ activity in the city. According to a report by KTLA5, more than 30 people fell ill last […]

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  • Marijuana goggles: A scare tactic to promote sobriety?

    Published On: 12-01-2015 in Category: Addiction, Cannabis, Drug Abuse, Smoking, Teens

    Approximately 44 percent of high school seniors nationwide report having used marijuana for recreation, the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s 2014 Monitoring the Future Study says. Hancock County, Indiana is aiming to reduce countywide rates of substance abuse through its purchase and implementation of “Fatal Vision” marijuana goggles meant to simulate cognitive impairment individuals have […]

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  • New research finds that brain activity could be a predictor for drinking problems and risky sexual behavior

    Published On: 08-17-2015 in Category: Drinking, Risk-taking, Substance Abuse, Teens


    Two studies suggest that researchers might be able to predict the likelihood of young adults developing drinking problems and engage in promiscuous sexual behavior. This research is part of a continual Duke Neurogenetics Study (DNS), which started in 2010, in attempts to improve researchers’ understanding of how interactions between the brain and its environment form […]

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  • Alcohol advertising and abuse during sporting events

    Published On: 08-14-2015 in Category: Abuse, Alcohol, Crime, Sports


    The relationship between alcohol and sports spectatorship is long-standing. Southern California is home to many popular sporting teams and their fans, to whom alcohol use, and sometimes abuse, is no stranger. Cracking open a cold beer while watching an Anaheim Angels game at a friend’s house or tailgating at Qualcomm Stadium before a San Diego […]

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  • Gay, bisexual and transgender people exhibit higher rates of drug abuse

    Published On: 08-11-2015 in Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, LGBT, Prejudice


    Substance abuse rates among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals is estimated to be between 20 and 30 percent, which is more than double that of the general population, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). While legislation has passed providing LGBT people with protective rights, the stresses that go […]

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  • Hospitalization from synthetic cannabis has dramatically increased

    Published On: 08-11-2015 in Category: Cannabis, Drug Abuse, K2, Spice, Synthetic Drugs


    There has been an increasing trend in emergency room visits due to synthetic marijuana use in the United States. These artificial compounds can be found in retail smoke shops under names like “K2” or “Spice.” There have been cases across the world of users smoking a bad batch of this seemingly harmless drug and suffering […]

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