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  • Driver kills woman, injures infant in Anaheim; police suspect drunk driving

    By: Admin On: 07-14-2017 Category: Addiction, Alcohol, Drinking Comment: 0

    A woman recently lost control of her car while backing out of a gated residential complex off Nutwood Avenue between Ball Road and Beacon Street in Anaheim, killing a middle-aged woman and injuring her infant granddaughter, media reports said. The female driver was on June 13 reportedly attempting to reverse her car when she lost […]

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  • Anaheim man arrested for drunk driving after leaving stepson at accident site

    By: Admin On: 06-02-2017 Category: Abuse, Addiction, Alcohol Comment: 0

    A suspected impaired driver fled the scene of a crash site, leaving behind his 10-year-old stepson trapped inside the overturned car, Anaheim police said. However, the police managed to track the 29-year-old man down in a nearby street and took him in their custody. According to the police, the accident took place on April 30, […]

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  • Alcohol advertising and abuse during sporting events

    By: Staff Writer On: 08-14-2015 Category: Abuse, Alcohol, Crime, Sports Comment: 5


    The relationship between alcohol and sports spectatorship is long-standing. Southern California is home to many popular sporting teams and their fans, to whom alcohol use, and sometimes abuse, is no stranger. Cracking open a cold beer while watching an Anaheim Angels game at a friend’s house or tailgating at Qualcomm Stadium before a San Diego […]

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