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Two Anaheim schools locked during search for illegal pot dispensary robbers

Published On: 04-12-2017 in Category: Addiction, drug trafficking, Drugs

Recently, two schools in Anaheim were on a brief surprise lockdown while police officials conducted a search for armed men who allegedly robbed an illegal marijuana dispensary in the neighborhood. Ball Junior High School in 1500 W Ball Road and Palm Lane Elementary School in 1646 W Palm Lane were locked down at around the same time, when they alerted about the alleged presence of three men armed with handguns.

According to Sergeant Daron Wyatt, spokesman for the Anaheim Police Department, when the police officers reached the dispensary premises they were surprised to find that security guard had been disarmed by the suspects. The others in the dispensary had either escaped or refused to cooperate with the officers. The police lifted the lockdowns after they failed to find any of the suspects.

Dealing with drug menace in Anaheim

In the past, Anaheim was known for some of the largest drug seizures made in the United States. In one incident, two tons of cocaine was confiscated, and in another bust, law enforcement authorities seized 3,600 pounds of the drug. In 2007, authorities seized heroin worth $6 million, along with other drugs in the notorious Anaheim plaza area of the city, known for crime and drugs.

In the recent years, Anaheim is gaining the reputation of a methamphetamine production center. Several clandestine meth producing labs have mushroomed all over the city in condominiums, commercial complexes and houses in residential areas. In case of any erroneously conducted procedure, the method employed to produce the drug may endanger human lives and the surrounding areas, as the chemicals and equipment might cause an explosion releasing unpredictable flash fires capable of blowing out doors and windows.

However, the use of nonephedrine-based production methods have led to a multifold increase in ice methamphetamine seizures in the past few years with reports of soaring levels of abuse in Anaheim, and throughout the Orange County region.

The city of Anaheim being part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area is covered by the Los Angeles HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) region, which includes the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino. Besides being one of the most densely populous areas of the country, it is also a major transportation and distribution hub for illicit drugs within the state of California as well as other drug markets nationwide.

In the wake of the ongoing drug menace across the Los Angeles HIDTA region, law enforcement agencies need to curb the surge in indoor marijuana production sites owing to local criminals exploiting California’s medical marijuana laws, and control the spike in smuggling Mexican ice methamphetamine through the region by Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs).

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