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Man arrested from backyard hot tub in Anaheim for driving under influence of meth

Published On: 06-30-2016 in Category: Addiction


Two persons were arrested, including a driver who was under the influence of methamphetamine and was hiding in a backyard hot tub in Anaheim, after a high-speed police chase. The police said they tried to stop Erick Flowers of Anaheim (29) for a traffic violation at a Placentia intersection but the black Ford Mustang sped off at a speed of nearly 100 mph to avoid arrest.

Suspect found in Jacuzzi with 104-degree water

Flowers was later arrested from a resident’s covered backyard Jacuzzi. Flowers passed out after sitting in the Jacuzzi for 30 minutes in 104-degree hot water. The owner of the house, Don Norell, video-filmed the entire search carried out by the police officers in his backyard. He watched a police officer lifting the spa cover to find the suspect deep inside water up to his neck. Norell was surprised and said, “Oh my God he’s in our Jacuzzi.”

Norell said, “They lifted it up and there he was just lying in there. He must have been there at least 30 minutes, breathing that hot, moist, chlorine-ish type air. He was just so out of it.” He said that Flowers was unconscious when the police officers found him. Both he and his wife, for a moment, thought that the suspect was dead.

His video from inside the house showed Flowers showing no resistance while the police arrested him. In fact, he raised his hands and drooped over the edge of the Jacuzzi, landing flat on the ground and finally giving up. Flowers was booked into Placentia City Jail and was charged with suspicion of felony evasion, possession of drug paraphernalia and a dangerous weapon, and having stolen property. He was also found to be under the intoxication of marijuana while driving.

What happened before he entered the hot tub?

The police said that when Flowers sped off, they started chasing the car. On the way, a passenger, identified as Andres Rivero (36) of Fullerton, jumped out of the Mustang, but was detained by the police. According to the Placentia Police Department, Flowers kept driving southbound on Kraemer Boulevard to the westbound 91 freeway.

The car, however, crashed near the State College Boulevard ramp and the driver fled across the freeway into a residential block in Anaheim. The officers from the police departments of Placentia, Anaheim, Fullerton and La Habra conducted a thorough search of the residential neighborhood and found him in the hot water tub mentioned above.

Inside the Mustang, the police officers found drug paraphernalia, a loaded sawed-off shotgun, and stolen property. Rivero, who jumped out of the Mustang, had drugs with him. He was also booked on the suspicion of possessing a controlled substance, stolen property, and weapon changes.

DUI cases in Anaheim

Drug-related DUI cases are as dangerous as those related to alcohol. The Anaheim police are always on a lookout for drivers who are under the influence of intoxication, whether from drugs or alcohol. In 2010, the police in Anaheim conducted a roadside survey to understand how many people were driving under the influence of marijuana. They found that at least 8.4 percent of the drivers they surveyed had some amount of marijuana in the system. To tackle the problem, the police also set up sobriety check posts across traffic-points, accident-prone areas, and other random spaces.

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