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Drug Free Anaheim: Police help addicts recover

Published On: 03-03-2016 in Category: Addiction, rehab, Substances

Drug Free Anaheim

Anaheim has become California’s first city to adopt the Gloucester Police Department’s innovative way of handling the addiction problem – treat the addicts rather than jailing them. The unconventional way of dealing with the addicts violating the Controlled Substances Act and other similar laws was launched as “Drug Free Anaheim” initiative by Mayor Tom Tait in February 2016.

Drug Free Anaheim encourages chronic drug users to walk into a police station and seek help in the form of a ride to a rehabilitation center. According to Tait, the campaign will help drug addicts recover instead of jailing them. Anaheim police chief Raul Quezada is working out the details and method of implementation of the campaign.

Through this approach, the police aim at helping the addicts recover from their condition rather than treating their act as a criminal offence. “It’s pretty huge for someone who uses narcotics to come into the Police Department’s doors and say that they want help. We want to help them,” Quezada was quoted as saying in a report on ocregister.com.

The initiative is based on campaign Angel Program launched by the Gloucester Police Department in June 2015. Since then more than 50 police departments in 19 states in the country have initiated similar programs to help addicts recover from addiction.

The campaign

The 57-year-old mayor of Anaheim has been active in establishing cordial relations between the police and the residents. One of the most talked about campaigns – Tait’s “City of Kindness” – started four years ago, which made him a popular figure among people.

Addressing a gathering of over 800 people at the City National Grove of Anaheim, Tait said, “We will seek alternatives to prosecution and incarceration first. From now on, drug addicts will be encouraged to come in and ask for help.”

Now the Anaheim police offer community service to young adults who commit minor crimes rather than sending them behind bars. According to experts, Drug Free Anaheim campaign can also lead to a decrease in the number of other cases such as theft, accidents, and other crimes that addicts generally commit.

Anaheim city councilwoman Kris Murray said, “It’s far less costly to the community and taxpayers if we can help people recover from their addictions than to deal with the petty crimes that support their addiction.”

The way forward

Through such campaigns and initiatives, authorities are doing their bit to handle the menace of addiction. We too need to play a role as the responsible citizens of the country. If you know someone battling with an addiction, you can guide him to the right treatment and rehabilitation center.

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